"You are strong."

you've always been there for me, 
you always are there for me. 


•  the quality or state of being strong, in particular. 

if there was only one word to describe you, I would have to go with the word "strength" because there are so many reasons why. 
so many reasons why it describes you.
so many reasons why I picked it. 
you are strong. 
not in muscular strength, but in life. 
you've never given up.
and, never will I ever believe that you will give up.
you can do this.
I believe in you, just like you believe in me.  

I love you, Mimi.

and thank you,
for everything.

My grandma is now out of the hospital and back home. :) She still isn't feeling the best, but hopefully she will get back to her normal self soon. Thank you all for you prayers. <3 

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6 happy thoughts

  1. That's beautiful. <3
    Yay! That's awesome!

  2. Thank you both so much. <3 :)

    Update: yesterday, everything seemed fine... but today she looked really tired. :( Please do keep her in your prayers. <3 Thank you all so much.

  3. So beautiful. <3
    I'm so glad she's out of the hospital. My great-grandma passed away 2 years ago, and the last few months she got really sick and was in and out of the hospital a lot, so even though I didn't get to see her much and wasn't extremely close to her, it was still sad.
    Hoping she stays well, and I'll remember her in my prayers. <3 *hugs*
    You're strong, too, Kenzie.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah. <3 I'm sorry to hear about your grandma.



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