B & W photography

So, I was playing around with my camera yesterday and thought that I would post a few pictures. :)
They're not perfect but I'm working on it. >.<

My pumpkin (and Allegiant ) I have in my room, I used a sharpie to give it a face. ^_^ 

My desk + bulletin board and (stinky) laptop. 

 The Fault in Our Stars
I just love this picture. <3_<3 

 paintbrushes! \(>.<)/ ...a little blurry though. :\
 MEEEEE! -(•-•)/ with, The Fault in Our Stars. 
"Maybe okay will be our always." 

Okay, that's all! I really need to decide where my watermark is going to go. O.o I have it in all different corners on every other picture and it just doesn't look right. >.<

thanks for looking/reading. <3

HAPPY (early) HALLOWEEN!!! \(•-•)/ And Happy (early) Birthday to my doggy. (•-•)-<3 
What are you all being for Halloween? :}

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7 happy thoughts

  1. How'd you take such outstanding pictures! *o* I'm temping to do a shocked face *epic fail* They look like those pics you find on Pinterest!

  2. Those are great!! Your desk is so clean! O_o. Mine is like a black hole.
    Lovely photos :)

    1. Dawww, thank you! :) Sometimes it gets messy but I'm like a neat freak, so it is clean most of the time. O.o

  3. Goodness, I love your bulletin board! You have everything on it arranged so nicely! :)

    1. ^^^ I resound this comment. <3

    2. Aww, shucks. <3 Thank you! :)


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