Coldplay - Atlas ( The Hunger Games: Catching Fire )

How could one song hold so many feels?! It's just too much, too much! *sobs*  ... *pulls self together* Anyways, I post this song in honor of the FINAL Catching Fire trailer that aired last night. I cannot contain my emotions right now. I just... *squeals* PEETA, I LOVE YOU. KATNISS, ERMEHGAWSH.
This movie is going to be amazing. o-o

thanks for reading and watching. <3

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6 happy thoughts

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SONG! When I first heard it I was like, "Could a song be more perfect for this movie

  2. Isn't it so perfect for The Hunger Games/Catching Fire?! Coldplay is actually pretty awesome. That video is just SO COOL too. AHH that trailer!! Looks exciting. I'll definitely be watching Catching Fire, whether in theaters or not I'm not sure. :P

    1. I couldn't agree more! :D I love Coldplay. :) I hope you get to see it in theaters!

  3. I have loved them since 6th grade! I am totally fangirling with you! I even posted a similar post on my blog, lol! I think we are a lot alike, I love your blog! :)

    1. Same here! Coldplay has grown with me because that's all my mom used to listen to. :P haha and Awesome! :D Aww, thank you so much. <3


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