I guess wishes do come true...

have you ever wanted something so badly--wished for it even? 

have you ever been so passionate about wanting a dream to come true?


every night,


I stared at that clock,

squeezed my eyes shut,

and made the same wish.


and over,

and over. 

even on that very special day, I made the same wish...

and guess what?


that wish finally came true.


On September 13th of this year I met-- IN PERSON-- this girl <-- yep, that's right be jelly. 

 My family and I drove about two and a half hours to meet at our "half way point". Rosie and I texted and fangirled the whole way there. •-•  

After the drive, we then pulled into a Barnes and Noble parking lot and parked towards the back while Molly [ my dog ] looked around frantically, assuming we were going to just drop her off somewhere and leave. :P But of course, we did not do that because we love her so stinkin' much. •-•  

 As I stepped out of the car, I could not stop blushing or control that jittery feeling you get when it's Christmas eve mixed with nerves. 

Once we walked inside I tried to keep myself "busy" with looking at books, but that failed miserably when I noticed my family waiting excitedly by the giant window near the entrance, trying to guess which car was Rosie's family car or whatever. 

Finally, when the time came, I did not know what to do. So with that, I burst through the doors of le bookstore and into the arms of the most flawless girl I know, nearly knocking over her poor sister, then apologizing over and over again. 

^^ which sorta looked like this.  •-• *sniffles* Our first hug...  [ Nice shot Morgan. ;) ]

So, after we did our little family introducing--and I admired Rosie's flawless outfit--we sorta just wandered around the bookstore talking about random things. Very random things thanks to my sister, Lila. •-• We had discovered that she is also an Awko Taco just like Rosie and I. Now, I think we shall form an Awko Taco club that hangs out in bookstores sniffing books for a living. O.o  What do you think of that Rosie? •-•

^^ us, checkin' out "The Host" like a boss. •-• 

Left to right: Me, Rosie, and Koren photobombing.

^^^ here we are ( such a cute photo <3 ) in a Chipotle parking lot, after we had eaten and exchanged gifts.
....pssst, if you look closely at Rosie's flawlessness, you will see some glitter on her head and sweatshirt from my youngest sister [ Koren ] and I. ;)  

Both of us got each other "The Fault in Our Stars", except Rosie wrapped my book up in lovely green ( one of my many favorite colors ) tissue paper, and I sorta just left mine in the Barnes and Noble bag because I had just bought it an hour earlier. •-• 
She also put a lovely heart note [ whatever you call it ] on my gift that made my day. 

^^ I loved the #distanceproblems ;) Very beautiful handwriting my dear. <3 

And here comes the saddest part [ insert dramatic music ] : The good-bye hug.

^^ and then here we are... embracing our final hug before our departure. *sniffles and wipes cheeks* Th-that was the bestest hug a friend could ever have. *sniffles* excuse me for a moment, I'm getting emotional. ...*cough* Neeli, stop photobombing. It's ruining the moment. •-• 

We waved and blew kisses... then that was it. *sniffles* 

You honestly have no idea how long we've been waiting for that day. We did not want to finish this year without officially meeting each other and even though we only got to see each other for like three hours... IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. •-•  Now... I MISS YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS! COME BACK BABY, COME BACK AND LET ME HUG YOU ONCE MORE! \(•-•)/ ...don't worry Rosie, I'll make sure I bring the rope with me this time. ;)

Now, I'm going to copy cat you Rosie if that's okay. •-•
*clears throat and begins to type*

Rose is a very beautiful person.
not just in looks,
but in her heart and mind.
she is beautiful.
if you ever have the pleasure to interact with her, 
savor every moment of flawlessness you have with this astonishing soul. 
because, she truly is a very special person. 
especially to me.

I love you Rosie, 
more thank you'll ever fathom. <3 

Remember; If any of you are having a rough time and don't think any of your wishes would ever come true, think again. Mine did and I believe that your's can come true, too. Don't give up, keep wishing and dreaming and believing. 

{please check out Rose's post here. }

things to accomplish in life:

  • meet Rose [check]
  • hug her [check]
  • tell her I love her [check]

thanks for reading. <3 

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24 happy thoughts


    Yep, that's basically all I can say right now. XD

  2. that was so cute.
    i cwried :')
    You are Rose are the cutest thing ever.
    Are you guys going to be crazy cat ladies together?
    =^.^=\(•-•)- ♥ -(•-•)/ =^.^=

    1. Awww, you are too sweet. <3 Thanks Emma.
      Hmm, that's up to Rosie. ;) I'm not a cat person but I'll do anything as long as Rose is right by my side. :}

      =^.^=\(•-•)- ♥ -(•-•)/ =^.^=

      ^^^ I just love that. XD

      thanks for commenting!


  3. That's so awesome!! When I was little my best friend moved, and every time I saw the first star, I would wish that I could see her! That wish came true when I was 13, I went to her house for a whole week! I'll never forget that awesome time :)
    So happy for you two!

    1. Thanks so much Christina! That is such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it. <3


  4. You are both amazing and sweet people and you don't how happy I was to see that you got to meet! I've always wished that I could meet my online friends, but you all live so far away... :( Thank you for that last part, because I give up on dreams and wishes very easily, but now I don't think I will as much. :)
    – your friend, Priya

    1. Thank you so much Priya, that means a lot to me. <3 :) Hopefully one day you will get to meet someone! :) Oh, I'm so glad I can encourage you...

      stay you,


  5. Dude I'm jealous of you both. I'm so glad y'all got to meet each other, I'm sure it was the most amazing thing you could ever experience. I'd love to meet you both since you're basically the awesomest people on the internet. You two have given me hope that I'll meet MY Cyber-besties as well, even if you two only live 5 hours apart and me Heather live 11 hours apart.... UGH. #distanceproblems.

    How long have y'all been hg buddies online??? (Yeah, I stalk you. get over it XD)

    stay flawless,
    xoxo Molly

    1. Aww, thank you Molly! It was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences. :) Hopefully some day you can meet ALL of your cyber buddies! Just remember to wish, dream, and believe. ;)

      and oh gosh, I should've written that in the post! -_- Maybe I'll do another post about it. ;) We officially met in January of last year (2012), then we started growing closer at around this time of last year. :) Our 2nd friendship anniversary will be coming up then. ;)

      thank you for reading! <3

      stay epic,

  6. Oooh mah two favorite bloggers met. •-• You two are so cute :) BTW, how did you two meet? When you asked Rosie to use her magic on your flawless blog? ;) (I wrote that as "glob" first, instead of blog. O.o)


    1. Aww, thanks Jessie! :D And actually we met over email of January 2012 ( rigth Rosie? Or am I getting the year wrong? O.o My brain is really stupid today. >.< ). Rose was in an email my friend sent to me and I guess we accidentally replied to my email address or clicked reply all... who knows. :P But yeah, that's how we met. :}

      Thank you for reading. <3


  7. AWWW, That's SOOO awesome Kenz!!! :) This post is AMAZING ;D So glad for the both of you!!! :) Danielle

  8. I totally thought I commented, but I guess I didn't. :P Anyway, I'm so happy that you two got to meet!! :) It must have been an amazing experience for you. :) I know it was when we met you guys. <3 Love you two, and talk to you soon!


    1. that's okay! :D and aww, thank you so much Hannah! That means a lot to me. <3 :)

      love yah! <3

  9. Oh my gosh that is AMAZING! I am SO happy you got to meet her. She is an amazing blogger. HOPEFULLY, I can meet you someday too! You have so many fans. Including me! I love this post so much. You are even prettier than I imagined! I had never seen a picture of you before and when I saw this picture I was like.... "That can't really be her!" with my mouth wide open. You and Rose are BEAUTIFUL girls :)

    1. Dawww! You're so sweet, I'm gonna cry. In a good way of course. Your comment means so much to me. :) and oh my gosh, I didn't know you haven't seen a picture of me! ...I feel bad, because my hair is like a wreck there. O.o it's a good thing I have Rosie's flawlessness to cover that up for me. ;)

      Thanks again Aimee! <3

      Love you!

  10. i read this last night but had to get off the computer before I could comment. -_-
    Aww :') This is so beautiful. You two are amazing and I'm so glad you had this opportunity! :D You deserved it! *hugs* Oh, and by the way, I definitely teared up. :') "GET BACK IN THERE, TEAR!" XD
    Y'all are gorgeous, let me just tell you. <3 And the fact that you met at a bookstore to fangirl together and sniff books just makes this whole post 10x better (or at least I think it does!) :p
    Okay, I think I'm done fangirling over your friendship for now. XD

    love and hugs,
    Sarah xx

    1. hehe, that's okay. ;) and HAHA "get back in there, tear" XD Oh gosh, your comment made my day. Thank you so much Sarah. <3


  11. How lovely. So glad you two girls were able to meet! Sounds like a fun trip. :)

  12. Gosh, this seems like it was lifetimes ago.


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