yay & nay [ #3 ]

:: yay ::

- reading an amazing book.

- duct tape. 'nuff said.

- wanting to dip dye your hair... lavender? oh la la.

- when someone makes you proud of your writing.

- smiling 

- ONE MORE FOLLOWER UNTIL I REACH 50!!! ( I wuv you all so much! ) 

- already having 15 followers on your new blog ( l i n k ) 

- receiving Beautiful Redemption in the mail 

- being excited to hug attack this flawlessness <3

:: nay ::

- not really knowing how to hug attack... O.o This will be interesting...

- coldness

- not replying to your comments right away ( I'm so sorry guys. )

- being so far behind on everything

- biology 

- wishing you lived right next door to her. *le sigh*

- wishing summer didn't have to end.

- wishing you were better at blog designing. 

- missing writing class.

- not wanting the Beautiful Creatures series to end! ( ETHAN!!!! *sobs* )

- planning, why must you be so hard? O.o

- disappointing

- hungry

I hope your week went well. Most of the time I can't even remember my week... O_o Does that happen to you, or am I just the only one? 

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