Vans [ off the wall ]

okay, guilty as charged. 

[ this picture. <3 ] 

I love Vans. 

Random, I know. But I thought that I should "boost up" my posts... they just all seem [ to me anyways ] the same. Maybe I just need some inspiration? *shrugs* Plus, I like sharing about things I like, so that maybe someone else likes the same thing. :) 
I am dedicating this post to one of my favorite shoe brands. Vans. [ inspired by here and here ] 

They're probably my most current obsession... I own a pair of red Vans and they are just to die for. I love them. <3 Although I haven't worn them much, I really need to because they're not "broken" in yet. 

^ these are what mine look like. *sighs* don't you just love 'em? 

*squeals* FLORAL!!! I the only one that is majorly obsessed with floral prints? O.o I liked it way before it was popular. >.<

I love this color for some reason. <3 Alright, I'll stop now. XD Sorry for torturing you... 

WAIT! I have one more! 

*sighs* I love this picture. <3 I'm a sucker for black and white photography. 

Okay, okay... I'm done. XD

[ photos via ]  

"never let anyone judge your weirdness!" 

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9 happy thoughts

  1. awesome! i've seen a lot of people wear vans but don't own any myself. actually, i don't own anything fashionable except toms. :) ahhh i love floral too. as i'm getting into fashion more, i've been getting more floral-y stuff, and i have a little bag that is wonderfully floral too. i love the quote at the end, because pretty much every part of me is weird, and i don't like or do anything normal. mostly. :D
    - your friend, Priya

    1. Thank you for commenting Priya! :) I enjoyed hearing from you. And I'm so glad that you liked the quote. XD I'm just weird, period.

      thanks again,


  2. Since you're doing it, I'll admit it too: I ADORE VANS. I don't own any ''real'' Vans, but the ones from Target look exactly the same {except the tags}, plus they're only about $14.99, so I own two of those. Since I'm paying for the shoes, not the brand, I'm okay with it. ;)
    And yeah, I like floral before it was cool, too. Let's buy some hipster glasses and parade around with signs saying ''I LIKED FLORAL BEFORE IT WAS COOL.''

    Yeah, that sounds good.


    1. That is actually a really good idea, I've been to Target but I haven't seen any shoes similar to Vans. I will look next time! :)

      OHMYGOSH, you are GENIUS!!! Yes yes yes yes!! Sounds like a plan. ;)

      thanks for commenting. <3


  3. i love vans <3
    They are FLAWLESSS
    I want those floral ones :3

    1. haha, ikr?! <3 :)

      thanks for commenting!


  4. Ooooooh me loves Vans too!! *squeals* I don't have a pair yet, but I NEED SOME. I adore these pictures.
    I looooooooove floral things, anything floral, totally.
    Just so you know, random posts are AWESOME. But then again, I'd read anything you wrote. You could be talking about styrofoam cups and I would soak in every word like the best book ever written. true story.

    Love you forever,

    1. ...get over here! let me hug you! Ugh, Y U SO AMAZING?! Thank you so much, Molly. That means so much to me!!!!!! <3

      I LOVE YOU!!!!


  5. I would like to meet a person who doesn't like Vans. I love the mint green ones. And every pair.


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