"it's only the beginning"

" I’m tired.



Where have I been? 

Where have I gone? 

How will I remember?

I feel someone suddenly lifting my dead weight body off the ground.

“It’s over. This is the end.” I hear a voice whisper in my ear. “We’re safe.” 

"For now." I think to myself as I drift off into another world. "  


this was just a scene I came up with and I thought it would be a cool new story idea... I was trying to find a cool photo to fit the scene I had imagined, but that was the closest I could find to what I was picturing. >.<
I was thinking more of a destroyed field after a war with two governments or something... anyways, I'm rambling. XP Um... yeah. That's it. 

*waves* hi Anna ! 

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4 happy thoughts

  1. *waves* Hi! :)

    That sounds really interesting. Just of reminds me of Hunger Games. haha =D

    1. hehehe. :}

      and really? haha, I didn't think of that. :P But yeah, I guess you're right in a way. :)

      thanks for reading\commenting!


  2. This was so.... neat. haha. that's a really boring word to use, but I can't use a good word to describe how cool this is, very interesting. Makes me wonder where it's going from here. Can you write this book, cuz I'd buy it. I don't even care what happens next, just make it happen.
    Flawless as always.
    Stay you forever! Love youuuuuu!!!
    Cyber-besties for life
    xoxo Molly

    1. haha, Oh gosh. You make me smile. XD Thank you Molly! Gah, I just love you. Thank you so much! <3 :)

      FOR LIFE. <3



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