five facts about me [ #5 ]

::five facts about me::

One: Sometimes I really just love sarcasm. But then sometimes it isn't all that great when you're talking to someone that takes things seriously. O.o 

Two: Something I despise: Animal Cruelty. UGH! I hate it so much. I cannot explain to you how much I hate it... I-it just makes me so mad. My aunt and uncle have a dog they got from the shelter that was abused and now he is terrified of everything. Though, they take real good care of him and it makes me happy to hear how excited he gets when they go to the beach. :] So, he's much better now. But it makes me sick to think someone could do that to an innocent animal. <-- I'm sorry, now I'm ranting. :P 

Three: I love comfy clothes! If I ever have to go out, when I come back I usually just slip into my Pjs. :P It's like the best feeling ever. <3_<3 

Four: I don't make friends easily. #introvert  

Five: I am Irish! XD Well, part Irish... I am also part Italian. :}

Okay, well that's all! Sorry if I bored you to death. :P I'm starting to run out of facts to give you guys. O.o
Maybe I should start shorting my facts to three facts instead of five... I will call it;
 five that is now three facts about me. <--- hehe. :P I'm just hilarious. .-. 



P.s. THANK YOU ALL FOR 52 FOLLOWERS :D I'm SO happy. Love you guys. <3 

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2 happy thoughts

  1. I think I take advantage of you having a comment box so I can rant to you with stuff that barely relates to the post. LIke this:

    Okai, so, one time I was talking to my friend and she was also talking with her other friend that I didn't know, so it was sorta an awkward three-triangle stranger/friend group. Which, being an introvert, is really just... weird. -.-
    ANYWAY, my friend {not the stranger} made a comment about me being so tall. I was going to say, ''NOOOO, really?'' {in le sassy voice}, so I was trying not to, and I was just smiling, looking awkwardly away and not answering. So basically, the stranger things I'm mental now. Lov-er-ly.

    Forever your cookah!

    1. Oh. my. gosh. Okay, that was like so rude! But I can totally relate... although I'm short. O.o

      thank you for ranting to be dear, I love hearing from my Cookies. :]



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