yay & nay [ #2 ]


- Watching The Host! And then fangirling about how perfect it was and how all the actors are just fantastic.
- Watching the new Catching Fire trailer! ASDFGHJKL. PEETA!!!
- loving this girl <3 ...Rosie, Y U SO FLAWLESS?!
- >>> THIS POST <<<<
- feeling happy
- relaxing and reading on your grandpa's boat. 

- having to return The Host because we only rented it. *sniffles* and I was in the middle of watching it for the second time...
- going to the bookstore and Beautiful Redemption isn't there. *sighs*
- summer almost to its end...
- being stressed out ( just a little... )
- wishing you could be a better writer.
- headaches. -_-
- wishing you could hug her. *sniffles*

and I think that's it... I always space out when it comes to talking about my week. >.<
thank you for reading. <3

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3 happy thoughts

  1. I love these 'yay and nay' posts of yours, they're so fun! (Is it okay if I borrow the idea?)
    Gosh, so sad summer's almost over! :'(
    Have an awesome day!! <3

    1. Awww, thank you! :) And of course you can! :D

      I know, right? :(

      thank you for commenting, and reading! Have a beautiful day! <3


  2. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    *writing post* *writing post* *must read Kenz's writing* *Now* *energy level.... dropping*


    *gasping for breath*


    *no, no, no! I have to read a story/poem/anything by meh Kenz!!*


    *I can't*

    *the air... it's goin'*


    *I... I...*





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