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hey there!

you might not remember me... my absence was so long, you're probably thinking "who is this girl?"
 oh wait-- someone just informed me that I was only gone for a week. that can't be possible because it felt much longer than a week... It felt more like a year!  Anywho... guess whattttt?! I'm back! So, here comes the part where I apologize to you for not posting in a while or commenting on your beautiful posts. *le sad face* and now here's the part when I tell you where I've been! I bet you are very curious for this part. *wink, wink*

for five days, I took a writing course on "how to write a YA novel". I learned a lot... a lot, a lot. and had the best time. the class was amazing. not only were we writing for three hours everyday, but we connected as well. everyone had something different about them, yet deep down we were all alike in some way... we had a passion to write. whether it was si-fi, a story taking place in the 80s, or just a story that ended with all your characters dead ( *cough* Ali *cough* ). The teacher ( Robert! ) was ah-mazing, and the best teacher I could ever ask for. he taught us a lot of things, some I didn't even know! and I believe that I have now improved in my writing, all thanks to him. :)  
in class we each got to write our own stories and some of us also got to bring in stories we've already written. the stories we wrote in class--but didn't get a chance to finish--were based off of a scene from The Fault in Our Stars novel by John Green. what we did was, create a character with cancer and then put them into the scene, which was the part where Hazel goes to the Support Group for teens with cancer. just so you know, if any of you have read that book. I haven't but I am going to someday. 
anyways --I'm getting off topic-- I thought that I would share a small chapter that I wrote for my character Grace.  Here is a little bit about my character before you start reading: 

Grace, is a sixteen year-old-girl with throat cancer. She is rather tiny for her age, very lean. Grace loves to sing but her talent has been effected by her illness. Her parents are divorced and she now lives with her mom, aunt, and three cousins. In this story, Grace faces different dramatic changes life has brought her. At times, she breaks and gets a little snappy or moody-- which you will see in the first chapter I will be showing you. She doesn't appreciate her illness like she should at points, but later on she learns to accept things are the way they are. 

so, now that you somewhat know what my character is like, here in the first chapter I wrote, Grace is going to a Cancer Support Group at her hospital:

"We're late!"  I yelled up to my mom who was carrying my youngest cousin, Lucy. 
Ever since my parents divorced, my aunt Aly moved in with her three children, Lucy, Peter, and James. All the ages of eight and below, Lucy being the youngest. 
Because my aunt was a single parent, like my mom, they both thought it was best if she moved in with us after what happened. And what I mean by that, is after I got sick with throat cancer a year ago. My doctor told me that I'm the strongest patient she's had, but with all the mood swings and depression, my mom and aunt thought, yet again, it would be best if I joined a Support Group. 

"I'm coming!" I stumbled up the steps of the hospital building. I rolled my eyes with annoyance once I reached the top. "If you didn't force me here against my will, we wouldn't be late in the first." I huffed. 

"Just please hurry up and get inside, it's already half past two." my mom begged. 

I stormed passed her as Lucy cried in her arms. "Oh yay, she's crying. Again." I said sarcastically while walking up to the front desk inside. 

"Where is the teen Support Group?" I asked, somewhat nicely. 

"Down the right and to your left." she pointed, with a bright smile. How could someone seem so happy in a hospital full of sick people? 

I thanked her then went on my way. The hallways are cold and lonesome, yet filled with people. My shoulder brushed against a lady wearing a black suit.  "Watch it!" she scowled.
"S-sorry." I muttered. She ignored me and continued walking in her platform heels. Jeez, people. I thought to myself as I walked up to the two double doors that read "22 B" on a sign placed beside the two doors. 
I took a deep breath and walked into the unfamiliar room, alone. The scent of moth balls grazed my nostrils as stepped into the cold room, all eyes on me. I didn't mind much since I was used to the attention from performing and whatnot. Yes, I am a singer. Or used to be, until this happened. I used to sing in the church choir and in school performances, but that's all over now. I can never go back to doing what I love most, singing. Taylor will be very excited when I tell her I won't be singing in the school's musical this year. Taylor Scout and I had always been great friends, until our competitiveness got in the way of our friendship. It's fine with me, I don't care.

I walked over to an empty seat and sat down. I noticed the dirty tile of the floor and the tattered carpet underneath the round glass table in the center of the room. People began to talk, ignoring my presence. I felt a small knot forming in the pit of my stomach. My palms were sweaty and my feet were impatient. Was I nervous? Of course I was, I had all the symptoms. But why? 

I took a look around the room. Everyone was so different from each other, yet we were all here for the same reason. An older boy shared a few glances with a girl that looked to be about the same age as him. 
There was only on thought lingering in the back of my mind, that I couldn't get out. 

We're all going to die. 

I know it is pretty dramatic, and it is usually hard for me to read or watch things to do with cancer... but I thought you would like to read a little of what I was writing while I was absence. although, I have to admit, I was glad I took the class. I learned a lot of things and met a lot of great young writers, and I hope now to fulfill my life as a writer. 

there will be bumps along the way, but I want to treasure every moment of it. 

never give up. 

things I've learned about being a writer:

- there will be haters

- you will get discouraged 

- writing is a selfish thing 

- enjoy the adventure

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10 happy thoughts

  1. Yippee! You're back! Now you can write more stories and we'll all continue to sit back in awe at your amazingness!!! (Which is exactly what I was doing reading this) That's SO cool that you took a writing class, though I doubt they could making you any more incredible than you already are, we'll all be dead soon enough if you keep up writing. I can't wait until you're super famous and I can say I knew you when you were writing short stories on your blog! Love you SUF (Sparkly Unicorn Friend) Stay awesome! (Though I don't think that could ever change)

    1. Thank you so much Molly! You make me feel so darn special... I just love you! <3 Thank you for making me smile and keeping me moving. :) You are awesome. 'nuff said.

      Kenzie ( your Sparkly Unicorn Friend )

    I missed you. •-• Like, a lot...

    ASDFGHJKL... Your writing was flawless. Just. Flawless. *grumbles* It's unfair. -_-

    * le sigh * STAWPH. BEING. SO. FLAWLESS. <-- HAHA, like you could ever do that! •-•

    ...I love you Kenz! <3



    1. hehe, aww shucks... I know, I missed you too... like a ton.

      eh, not really. •-•

      *giggles* oh sweetie... you are just too good for me.

      and I love you Rosie!

      hugs and kisses


      ( thank you for everything. <3 you are my true inspiration. )

  3. I am so glad you could have such an awesome experience writing and being around other writers! Oh my, Mackenzie you write so well.

    1. aww, thank you Sarah! <3 That means oh so much to me. :)

      thanks for reading!


  4. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    Beautiful. I am so happy your back! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when you write :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much Aimee! I just love it when you comment. ;)

      thanks for reading!


  5. Hey! You! I missed you! :D

    You are such an amazing writer. Just saying. I wish I could live in a world where you narrated everything. It'd be fantastic.

    Do you know I kind of just screamed a little? I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars RIGHT NOW. Just a warning...she does curse more than necessary and there is one sex scene in the middle of the book...

    1. Aww shucks. I feel so special... :}

      Oh. my. gosh. that just made my day right there. Thank you. just thank you. Can I like hug you, please?

      Nah way?! How ironic is that?! And I assumed the language would probably be somewhat bad. Thank you for the warning. :) I don't think I will be reading it anytime soon anyways, I would need to prepare myself for a while because even the first two pages are depressing. But let me know how you like it!

      thanks for reading and commenting. <3



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