I want to have a certain hug from a very special person

I want to live in the country

I want to overcome my fears

I want to fall in love { and stay in love }

I want to travel

I want to write a book

I want to be a photographer

I want to have kids

I want to care less

I want to try something I would've never thought of trying

I want to make my family proud

I want to help lower the rates of suicides 

I want to go horseback riding on the beach

I want to leave near a beach

I want to make a complete idiot out of myself in public and not even care

I want to have fun 

I want to jump in a pool, while wearing one of those fancy dresses, just 'cause. 

I want to read a 100 books in a year

I want to make a difference 

I want to leave my mark

I want to be happy

I want to

I want to 

I want to...

But will I ever be able to achieve them? Achieve my dreams? All those wants? 
Maybe... someday...

dream big \\ care small 

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7 happy thoughts

  1. This was so inspiring! You're amazing, Kenzie!!!

    1. Thank you soo much Sarah! :)

      I really appreciate it. <3

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    To amazing for my eyes! Hurry. Go! Go get Niall Horan to kiss me awake when I....I...I! - Dies -

    1. Nooooo! Don't die! D: I'll go get Niall right away! ....*comes back few moments later with Niall and food* Here Niall, kiss her! XD

      Thanks for the awesome comment <3


    2. AnonymousMay 20, 2013

      Alright. Food and Niall? The two hings I want to marry.......

    3. haha, Yes! Score!! Whoop whoop!

      Josh Hutcherson and food <--- now if you could get me those two, I will be happy forever. ;) <3


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